4 Days & 3 Nights Tibetan Sound Healing Course By Bali Yoga School

Started on June 15, 2024

Welcome to the gateway of sound and serenity at the Bali Yoga School founded by Yogi Himanshu Joshi!

In this workshop of ours, ancient wisdom meets modern science- a journey specially created with the essence of knowledge collected little by little by our masters. 

In this enchanting world…

  • Allow the crystalline vibrations to guide you as you dive into the magical realm of Sound & crystal singing bowls. Explore techniques that employ the power of these extraordinary instruments, connecting you with a harmony that transcends the boundaries of time and space.
  • Feel the rhythmic pulses of the gong resonate through your being as you immerse yourself in the art of gong techniques. Our workshop reveals the secrets of mastering this ancient instrument, allowing you to create waves of balance and harmony.
  • But wait, there’s more, dive into the fascinating world where tradition and science harmonise. Explore modern scientific research, and uncover the secrets of sound and vibration through the lens of numbers and hertz. Discover the synchronisation between the vibrations of our brains and the planet, unlocking a new understanding of the profound connection we share with the universe.

Your time with us will be a transformative experience, a portal to the world of sound and vibrations. Join us, and let the resonance of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science guide you to a realm of tranquillity and self-discovery. 

Become a part of this harmonious experience. Embrace the melodies, feel the vibrations, and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary. Welcome to the Bali Yoga School, where the door to the world of sound and vibrations eagerly awaits your presence.


Positive Effects of Meditation/Massage with Tibetan & Crystal Bowls and Gong:

  • Restores the balance of the physical, mental, and emotional body.
  • Removes stress and depressive conditions.
  • Restores spiritual strength.
  • Clears consciousness, returning to the state of “here and now.”
  • Transforms and dissolves negative feelings, thoughts, and energies.
  • Gently eliminates muscular tension, clamps, spasms, and blocks.
  • Has a healing effect on the human body, cleansing and structuring water, performing massage of internal organs, joints, ligaments, and muscles.
  • Activates the mechanism of self-healing and regeneration at all levels.
  • Balances and restores the human energy field.
  • Quickly achieves a state of harmony and deep inner peace (alpha-state)
  • Helps strengthen energy in general and adjusts the work of the main energy centres (chakras).
  • Harmonises the state of every cell of the body.
  • Synchronises the cerebral hemispheres.
  • Balances the psycho-emotional background.
  • Increases the body’s resources.
  • Harmonisation occurs at all levels (physical, emotional, and spiritual).
  • Fears, worries, and resentments disappear.
  • Reveals creative potential.
  • Creates a feeling of freedom from the endless stream of thoughts.
  • Answers to complex and long-standing questions come naturally.
  • Balances vibrations in disharmony.
  • Energies in the body begin to flow easily and freely.

For Whom is this Training

  • For aspiring sound therapists looking to offer healing sessions.
  • Suitable for individuals seeking to incorporate sound therapy practices into their therapeutic work.
  • Perfect for those on a self-improvement journey, aiming to enhance their own lives and that of their loved ones.
  • Tailored for anyone interested in self-development.
  • Designed for yoga instructors, psychologists, massage therapists, and healers seeking to deepen their skills.
  • Suited for individuals practising yoga and meditation.
  • Welcoming both meditation enthusiasts, whether experienced or newbies.
  • Beneficial for anyone aspiring to achieve a harmonious inner state.
  • Suitable for those intrigued by the impact of music and sound on human well-being.
  • Geared towards individuals fascinated by Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls and Gong.


This course caters to a diverse audience, from housewives looking to assist themselves and loved ones to professionals in medical and spa institutions aiming to diversify or enhance their professional repertoire with effective techniques. It can be a new profession for some, an additional tool for others, or a favourite hobby for those with a keen interest in the transformative potential of sound therapy.

What will you Learn:

  • The transformative power of Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls to aid both yourself and others.
  • Uncover techniques to release negative emotions—fear, anxiety, anger, irritation—and achieve harmony in your psycho-emotional well-being.
  • Navigate the art of selecting the right bowl and set tailored to your individual practice, whether for meditation or massage.
  • Explore the intricacies of vibro-acoustic massage using Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls.
  • Become adept in the “Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls” technique through hands-on contact.
  • Master the “Sound Bath” technique, a non-contact method for immersive sonic experiences.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to lead group meditations with the resonant energy of Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls.
  • Delve into the techniques of working with the subtle structures of individuals.
  • Learn to conduct specialised sessions for pairs, pregnant women, water sessions, and more.
  • Gain insights into the therapeutic applications of Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls for various diseases.
  • Discover the art of cleansing and harmonising spaces using the resonance of these enchanting bowls.
  • Explore the relationship between the sound of the bowls and the energy centres of human chakras.
  • Learn to purify crystals and structure water with the transformative vibrations of Tibetan & Crystal singing bowls.
  • Explore concepts like the Schumann resonance frequency and Prayer Vigilance.
  • Develop the skill to create your own binaural beats.
  • Learn to identify the note a bowl produces and understand the corresponding frequencies in hertz.
  • Gain insights into the planetary system and how it connects with the bowls and our solar system.
  • Delve into the technology of a sound bath with the mystical resonance of the gong.
  • Acquire the expertise to lead both private and group sessions with the Gong, creating transformative sonic experiences.
  • And, in this exciting journey of discovery, unlock a wealth of additional knowledge and techniques to elevate your mastery in sound healing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Working with Tibetan singing bowls and helping others 
  • Learning to release negative emotions like frustration, irritation, anxious thoughts and improve emotional well-being
  • Selecting a proper Tibetian singing bowl for your practice
  • Technique of performing massage with Tibetian bowls
  • Mastering contact method 
  • Learning how to utilise the method for healing various issues
  • Ways to purify energy channels
  • Method to cleanse crystals and structure water through the ancient practice

Course Program

Day 1
What is the sound healing ?
How to select the singing bowls.
Introduction to the concept of Aura
Aura protection with sound healing
Mind Relaxing technique with sound healing

Day 2
Concept and types of singing bowls
Technique to rotate and hit the bowls.
Detail introduction about 7 chakra therapy;
Chakra balancing with sound healing

Day 3
Gong Therapy & Rain stick
Mantra and Mudras.
Self Healing therapy.
Water charging therapy
Rain Sticks for Sound Healing Session

Day 4
crystal bowl sound healing
Ocean Drum sound healing
Happy Drum
How to facilitate a Professional Healing.

Dates 2024

We do offer our 4 Days & 3 Nights Sound Program throughout the month pls email us check the availability, we are always ready to welcome you.

What’s include in the Course:

  • Length of the Course- 4 days &3 Nights 
  • 250 USD Course fee without food & Accommodation
  • 450 USD Course fee with 3 times meal & Private Accommodation

In case our students require extra time, we offer help free of cost after the completion of this course. 


1- 2 Hours Class Everyday/ 4 Days
2– Certification upon the successful completion of the course.
3- Course is certified by Himalayan Yoga Association Yoga Society, our head branch in Rishikesh, India
4-Yoga mats and materials for all activities are available at the school (to be used in the classes only, not to be taken away).
5- Free high-speed WiFi throughout the school campus.
6- One full body Complimentary Ayurvedic massage.

7- Unlimited filtered drinking water.
8- Swimming pool access.

9- Only to residential participants we provide a day before complimentary check-in only after 2:00 Pm.

Management team is authorised to make the necessary changes in the daily schedule if needed.

In order to book for the course, deposit the Complete course fees of 150 USD. An official confirmation letter of your program will be sent to you shortly after successful deposit for the yoga retreat fees.

Daily Schedule

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Terms & Condition

Discipline Rules for Students – Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school.

Refund Policy – The Advanced Course Fees, Complete Course Fee, Retreat Fee, Visa Fee or Any Other Payment will not be refundable in any case. Only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules. If a student cancels the course after joining it, we accept cancellation but course fees will not be refunded in cancellation.