4 Days & 3 Nights Advanced Level 3 Sound Healing Course by Bali Yoga School in Bali, Indonesia

Started on June 15, 2024

During our Sound Healing Course, which is held at Bali Yoga School in the centre of Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, you will have the opportunity to enter the mystical world of sound and tranquillity.
In this all-encompassing workshop, we combine old knowledge with contemporary scientific understanding, a journey that has been meticulously built from the teachings that have been handed down by our esteemed masters. It is here where you will find:

  • Learn about the healing uses of Tibetan singing bowls: This specific technique for sound therapy is the most often used and favoured one worldwide among the many others. 
  • Crystal Singing Bowls: Use the vibrations of the crystals as your guide as you explore this intriguing field. Gaining knowledge of the skills that can help you to use the potential of these amazing instruments will enable you to establish a harmony that is not time or place limited. 
  • The Gong’s methods Deeper study in gong techniques will cause you to feel the gong’s rhythmic pulses echoing throughout your whole body. Learn the methods to produce waves of harmony and balance on this age-old instrument and become an expert. 
  • Sound and Science: Exploring the interesting junction where tradition and science come together to create harmony is the focus of this article. Discover the mysteries of sound and vibration by penetrating the realm of contemporary scientific research and looking at them through the prism of numbers and hertz. Unlocking a new awareness of our interconnection with the world can be accomplished by gaining an understanding of the fundamental link that exists between the vibrations of our brains and the earth.

The time you spend with us is going to be a voyage that will change you forever; it will be a gateway to the universe of vibrations and sounds. As you embark on an astonishing voyage of self-discovery, we invite you to participate in our harmonious experience, during which you will engage with tunes and sense vibrations. Here at Bali Yoga School, the entrance to the realm of sound and vibrations is impatiently awaiting your presence. We welcome you here with open hearts!

For Whom is this Training

As soon as you step foot inside our tranquil resort in Bali, you will be greeted by the soothing embrace of the Vibrational Sound Healing Course. In this sacred place, which is surrounded by the spiritual beauty of the landscape, you should completely submerge yourself in the healing symphony of sound and vibrations that are present here. 

This comprehensive program is more than just a retreat; it is a thorough exploration into the magical world of sound healing, which takes place against the backdrop of Rishikesh’s natural marvels. Apart from being a place, our sanctuary is a peaceful canvas that enhances your therapeutic experience. 

Who are your travelling companions on this trip of transformation? It is the Tibetan bowls. Gain an understanding of their language, experience their vibrations, and unearth the mysteries that they have kept hidden for millennia. This is not merely a training session; rather, it is a profound experience with ancient healing instruments that have continued to be used throughout the ages.
What is the goal? In the midst of the spiritual atmosphere that permeates Ubud, Bali, to completely submerge you in the art of vibrational sound healing. You should get ready to be captivated by the songs, soothed by the vibrations, and revived by the harmony that can only be provided by this spiritual retreat.

What will you Learn:

What will you Learn:

  • Benefits of the use of Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, and Gong in meditation / healing sessions
    • The physical, mental, and emotional parts of the body are brought back into a state of harmony.
    • Alleviates problems associated with stress and depression.
    • Strengthens one’s spirituality and vitality.
    • One’s consciousness is cleared, and they are brought back to the condition of being “here and now.”
    • Negative emotions, thoughts, and energies are transformed and eliminated through this process.
    • Allows for the gentle release of tension, clamps, spasms, and blocks in the muscles.
    • The human body is subject to a healing influence, which includes the purification and structure of water, as well as the provision of massage for the internal organs, joints, ligaments, and muscles.
    • Activates the mechanism that is responsible for self-healing and regeneration on all levels.
    • Brings the human energy field back into balance and restores it.
      rapid attainment of a condition of harmony and profound inner calm (also known as the alpha state).
    • The entire energy is strengthened, and the functioning of the key energy centers, also known as chakras, is brought into alignment.
    • Brings the status of each and every cell in the body into harmony.
    • It brings the two hemispheres of the brain into sync.
    • The psycho-emotional background is brought into balance.
    • Increases the body’s available resources.
    • The process of harmony takes place on all levels, including the physical, emotional, and spiritual ones.
    • It is possible to let go of worries, fears, and resentments.
    • Activates the latent creative capacity.
    • Instills a sense of liberation from the never-ending stream of thoughts within the individual.
    • Questions that have been around for a long time and are difficult to answer naturally surface.

    Harmonizes vibrations that are out of balance.
    The flow of energies within the body starts to become spontaneous and unrestricted.

  • Those individuals who have a career aspiration of becoming sound therapists and providing therapeutic treatments.
  • Members of the therapeutic community who are interested in incorporating sound therapy approaches into their work.
  • Anyone who is on a journey of self-improvement and who wants to improve their own life while also helping those they care about.
  • Those that are interested in developing themselves, regardless of where they are in their journey as a whole.
  • Individuals that are interested in expanding their skill sets include yoga instructors, psychiatrists, massage therapists, and healers.
  • Folks who engage in the practices of yoga and meditation.
  • Both novices and seasoned practitioners of meditation are encouraged to participate.
  • Any one who has the goal of attaining a state of inner harmony.
  • Those who are interested in learning more about the influence that music and sound have on the health and happiness of humans.
  • Those individuals who are entirely captivated by Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls as well as Gong.
  • Each and every person is welcome to participate in this course, from housewives who are interested in personal development to professionals working in the medical and spa areas who are trying to enhance their skill set. 

This course is designed for individuals who are interested in the transforming potential of sound therapy from a variety of perspectives, including a new vocation, an additional tool, or a particularly cherished hobby.

Course Outcomes

  • Learn about the ways in which Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls can bring about positive changes in your life as well as the lives of others.
  • Get familiar with methods that can help you let go of unpleasant feelings such as fear, worry, wrath, and impatience, which can ultimately promote your emotional well-being.
  • Learn how to navigate the process of selecting the appropriate bowl and set for your specific practice, whether it is for massage or meditation.
  • Through the use of Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, you will learn about the specifics of vibro-acoustic massage.
  • Gaining hands-on experience is the best way to become proficient in the “Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls” approach.
  • Gain an understanding of the “Sound Bath” approach, which is a hands-free method for experiencing immersive sound.
  • Through the use of the resonant energy of Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, you will acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to lead group meditation services.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the methods that are used to work with the subtle structures of persons.
  • Develop your ability to lead specific sessions for couples, pregnant women, water sessions, and other types of sessions.
  • Explore the therapeutic applications of Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls for a variety of health issues and gain insights into these applications.
  • Utilizing the resonance of these fascinating bowls, you will learn the technique of purifying and bringing harmony to spaces.
  • Through the use of the transforming vibrations of Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, you will learn how to cleanse crystals and structure water.
  • Engage in the investigation of ideas such as the Schumann resonance frequency and Prayer Vigilance.
  • In order to produce your own binaural beats, you should develop the expertise.
  • Master the ability to recognize the note that a bowl produces and get familiar with the frequencies that correlate to it in hertz.
  • Investigate the relationship between the sound of the bowls and the energy centers that are located in the chakras of the human body.
    The planetary system and its connection to the bowls and our solar system can be better understood with the help of this information.
  • Experience the mystical resonance of the gong while immersing yourself in the technology of a sound bath spa.
  • Learn how to use the Gong to create transforming sound experiences by acquiring the expertise to lead both private and group sessions with the instrument.
  • In addition, during this thrilling adventure of discovery, you will be able to liberate a wealth of extra information and methods that will help you become more proficient in sound healing.

Course Program

Day 1

  • An introduction into the art of sound healing.
    Body reactions to vibrations from bowls.
  • Introduction to Space Cleansing
    Introduction to Singing Bowls 
  • How to play – from the basics.
  • Sound Healing For Muladhara Chakra (Root)
  • Sound Healing For Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus) 
  • Sound healing for Anahata Chakra (Heart)
    Ocean Drum sound healing

    Day 2 
  • The history of sound healing 
  • Understanding the therapeutic intensity and its importance.
  • Practical guidelines for a sound healer.
    Water energization therapy and water consciousness.
  • How to practise pure sound and understanding noise.
  • Gong for Sound Therapy or Healing
    Happy Drum sound healing

Day 3 

  • How to sound the Sanskrit Beej Mantras for the chakras
    Introduction to Rain Sticks, Ocean Drums, Chimes & Shells 
  • Chakra Balancing Therapy 
  • How to use Tingsha bells  the Third Eye.
  • Therapy for stiff neck, hip & back.
  • How to use singing bowls in your asana class.
    crystal bowl sound healing

    Day 4 
  • Healing the Body – front, sides and back
  • Healing the Head & the feet
  • Full body Singing bowls vibrational sound massage
    How To Create Self-Love
    Practice with each other
    How to facilitate a Professional Healing.

Dates 2024

We offer our 4 Days & 3 Nights Advanced Level 3 Sound Healing Course throughout the month. Please email us to check the availability, we are always ready to welcome you.

What’s include in the Course:

  • Length of the Course- 4 days &3 Nights 
  • 250 USD Course fee without food & Accommodation
  • 450 USD Course fee with 3 times meal & Private Accommodation

In case our students require extra time, we offer help free of cost after the completion of this course. 


1- 2 Hours Class Everyday/ 4 Days
2– Certification upon the successful completion of the course.
3- Course is certified by Himalayan Yoga Association Yoga Society, our head branch in Rishikesh, India
4-Yoga mats and materials for all activities are available at the school (to be used in the classes only, not to be taken away).
5- Free high-speed WiFi throughout the school campus.
6- One full body Complimentary Ayurvedic massage.

7- Unlimited filtered drinking water.
8- Swimming pool access.

9- Only to residential participants we provide a day before complimentary check-in only after 2:00 Pm.

Management team is authorised to make the necessary changes in the daily schedule if needed.

In order to book for the course, deposit the Complete course fees of 150 USD. An official confirmation letter of your program will be sent to you shortly after successful deposit for the yoga retreat fees.

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Terms & Condition

Discipline Rules for Students – Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school.

Refund Policy – The Advanced Course Fees, Complete Course Fee, Retreat Fee, Visa Fee or Any Other Payment will not be refundable in any case. Only in the case of emergency students can join us on other schedules. If a student cancels the course after joining it, we accept cancellation but course fees will not be refunded in cancellation.