Best Way to Stay in Bali | Our Yoga Teacher Training Course and Yoga Retreat – Accommodation, Meals, Swimming Pool, Yoga Classes, Ayurvedic Massages, Events and Excursions All Included.

You want to stay in a beautiful villa style accommodation and preferably with a swimming pool in the hotel premises… You want to make sure to get to eat healthy and tasty foods but do not want to spend too much money… Bali seems like to be one of the best places to experience spirituality and yoga but attending one drop in class is actually costly…


A Quality Holiday in Bali isn’t Cheap.

Staying and spending money on a holiday in Bali with proper accommodation and foods is not really cheap. You can choose those places and foods to minimize the spending if you choose to do so, but it won’t bring rejuvenation or cleansing of the body and the mind even if you are in such a beautiful place – Bali. Trying to find places to stay, eat, the best place to attend a drop-in class and driving there will all be energy consuming in not a favorable way. Are you wondering if there is any package that does all for you? We’ve got you.


Yoga Teacher Training Course with Bali Yoga School has Got It All for Spiritual Seekers.

If you are a spiritual seeker or planning to go to Bali to “find yourself”, participating our yoga teacher training course is most probably the best way for you. This “finding myself” can be confusing if you don’t know where “you” are actually. Many people go on a trip to find themselves but you are already here, not in this country or that country. Yoga has the answer for you. Our class starts in the morning when the sun rises, and you will be learning and practicing everything to truly find your Self and connect with your true Self. Sitting quietly just like meditation but without knowing the theory and techniques can bring more problems and confusions in your mind.

In our yoga teacher training courses in Ubud, we make teach you from the very basic of yoga to make you able to step forward with certainty. Our yoga teacher training courses ranges from 12 days to 58 days, so depending on your availability and the level of passion, you can choose the best one for you.

Looking for a Shorter and More Flexible Course? Our Yoga Retreat is for You.

Ig you want to have free time whenever you want but still want to attend many yoga classes for the physical and mental health and spirituality, our yoga retreat will serve you the best. You are free to choose any yoga classes you want each day during your stay; daily yogic cleansing, yogic breathing, meditation, Hatha vinyasa, and Ashtanga vinyasa classes. Our yoga retreat include a private accommodation and vegan meals 3 times a day for the duration of your stay. Of course, you are welcome to use the swimming pool in the school as well. Our yoga retreats ranges from 3 to 11 days, so it would be such a rejuvenating time to join our retreat as the finale of your entire holiday plan in Bali for example.

What are Included in The Yoga Course Costs?

You will be staying in a beautiful, spacious accommodation in the school premises where an outside swimming pool is at. Staying in such an accommodation in Ubud would already cost pretty much, but you will also be getting our nutritious vegan meals 3 times a day. Both of our yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats include Ayurvedic full-body massages in our spa, and for yoga retreat participants, you will be getting the massage every single day (except the check-in and check-out days)! Are you just going to be practicing according to the same daily schedule for the entire time? The answer is a happy No! You will be experiencing yoga and Bali much more than the syllabus to fulfill the requirement to become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. You will be having sound healing classes, learning how to go deeper into stretching with a partner, Ayurvedic cooking class with our yoga teacher who also has a vegan chef certificate, and kirtan night where you all chant mantras and dance freely with your new friends, and so forth. On Sundays, you get to experience traditional Balinese style temples where you actually participate in activities, not only walking and observing like most of the tourists do.

Is Yoga Teacher Training Expensive in Bali?

Now you have a better understanding in the reasons why our yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats are not expensive options to have the best time in Bali. Having a rejuvenating time without worrying about the place to stay or what to eat and where to go makes your holiday easy and fulfilling. Don’t waste time on planning and searching for the best experiences in Bali, but simply come join us at Bali Yoga School.